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Laundry & Stain Removers


11184 Laundry Detergent.
This is an excellent quality white liquid laundry detergent for use in automatic washing machines to achieve brilliant cleaning for all your clothing and linen.
It has a highly concentrated liquid formula for hard and soft water areas, which incorporates a pleasant fragrance for lasting freshness.
Use through an automatic dosing machine, or hand wash to remove stubborn stains and enhance the appearance of fabric, clothes and housekeeping items.

11186 Laundry De‐Stain.
This is a liquid de‐staining additive with bactericidal properties for heavy stained fabrics.
Add to sluice wash phase for enhanced cleaning results.
Designed to penetrate and break down stains, allowing Laundry Detergent to remove the stain from the fabric more effectively during the main washing cycle.
For use in conjunction with Laundry Detergent in automatic washing machines.

11185 Fabric Conditioner.
This is a fabric conditioner with an added fibre protector.
For use in automatic washing machines to provided comfort and softness to all your fabrics.
An opaque, blue liquid, which contains a high active blend of fabric conditioners and pleasant fragrance in an aqueous base.
For use in conjunction with a laundry detergent in automatic washing machines.
The two products work synergistically to enhance the appearance, texture and fragrance.
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