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Vehicle Cleaners / Accessories


B205 TFR Concentrate.
A highly concentrated caustic free traffic film remover that can be applied via a power wash for rapid removal of road grime or applied manually.
Can be used as a hard surface cleaner or as a degreaser for engines etc.
Clear straw coloured liquid.

B205+Wax TFR Concentrate & Wax.
As above but with an additive to leave a residual beading of water and enhanced water run off.
Clear straw coloured liquid.

B220 TFR.
An exceptionally powerful product with sodium hydroxide added to enhance the removal of grime and grease.
A fine chemical product at an economy price.
Clear light green coloured liquid.

B220+Wax TFR & Wax.
As above but with an additive to leave a residual beading of water and enhanced water run off.
Clear light green coloured liquid.

B210 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner Concentrate.
Formulated for application through steam and hot water pressure washers.
Excellent results for removing heavy deposits of oils, grease, grime and dirt.
A light straw coloured liquid.

D414 Vehicle Wash & Wax Concentrate.
A high quality concentrated cleaner with added carnuba waxes to give excellent cleaning results and a residual glossy finish to give beading and excellent water run off.
A viscous opaque green liquid.

00146 Vehicle Wash & Wax.
An economy version of the above.
A viscous opaque pink coloured liquid.

91066 Vehicle Rinse Aid Additive.
Use after cleaning in a final rinse to impart water repellency and beading.
A pink clear liquid.

G714 Premium Screen-Wash Concentrate.
An exceptionally concentrated windscreen wash additive giving excellent results removing grime and road film leaving the screen smear free.
Can be used as a de-icer in its neat form.
A clear blue liquid.

06123 Screen-Wash Concentrate.
An economy version of the above.
A clear blue liquid.

97105 Brake Cleaner.
A superior brake cleaner with rapid evaporation.
A colourless clear liquid.

00062 Parts Washer Additive.
A ready to use additive for use in parts washers.
A straw coloured clear liquid.

C302 Aluminium Cleaner.
A formulation of detergents and hydrofluoric acid for cleaning and brightening all aluminium surfaces.
A clear colourless liquid.

C303 Alloy Wheel Cleaner.
An excellent product to remove carbon debris from alloy wheels to leave them bright and shiny.
A clear pink lightly perfumed liquid.

8181 Oil Dispersant.
Formulated with specialised high foaming detergents to remove and suspend oil spillages in an emulsion for easy remo
val. A blue coloured liquid.

12170 Bike Cleaner.
A powerful yet gentle cleaner that quickly removes mud and grime from both motorcycles and bicycles.
Compares with well known brands.

G701 De-Icer.
A blend of alcohol and glycol that quickly disperses ice and prevents re freezing.

14045 Tyre Gloss.
This is a high quality tyre shine with a good residual performance.
A true alternative to the most popular makes.
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